Cellular Microbiology and Physics of Infection

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MET amplification increases the metastatic spread of EGFR-mutated NSCLC
MAGP-1 and fibronectin control EGFL7 functions by driving its deposition into distinct endothelial extracellular matrix locations
Fifteen years of Servitude et Grandeur to the application of a biophysical technique in medicine: The tale of AFMBioMed
The puzzling construction of the conidial outer layer of Aspergillus fumigatus
Heparin-Binding Hemagglutinin Adhesin (HBHA) Is Involved in Intracytosolic Lipid Inclusions Formation in Mycobacteria.
ESCRT‐mediated lysosome repair precedes lysophagy and promotes cell survival
La fête de la science

La fête de la science

ArfGAP1 restricts Mycobacterium tuberculosis entry by controlling the actin cytoskeleton
Oligomannose-Rich Membranes of Dying Intestinal Epithelial Cells Promote Host Colonization by Adherent-Invasive E. coli
Biomechanical control of lysosomal secretion via the VAMP7 hub: a tug-of-war mechanism between V ARP and LRRK1
Rv0613c/MSMEG_1285 Interacts with HBHA and Mediates Its Proper Cell-Surface Exposure in Mycobacteria
Premature termination codon readthrough in human cells occurs in novel cytoplasmic foci and requires UPF proteins
Our research is divided into two main areas, including technological developments and the use of different experimental systems to address several aspects involved in the early stages of infection
We develop an inter-disciplinary approach

Our working hypothesis suggests that the viscoelastic properties of biological membranes participate in the regulation of the implementation of cell signaling complexes in response to a stimulus. The stimulus we choose is the host-pathogenic interaction that has the advantage of exacerbating the cell response. The signaling pathway is the activation of autophagy in response to infection. The methodology we are deploying is based on a correlative approach between force spectroscopy and super-resolution photonic and electron microscopy.

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Lab members

Vincent DUPRES

Maître de Conférence – Université de Lille


Associate professor/chair of excellence – University Lille 2/INSERM
Study autophagy-associated cellular responses to norovirus infection in macrophages related to Crohn-like inflammation.

Elisabeth Werkmeister

Ingénieure de Recherche – CNRS
Microscopie photonique de super-résolution et analyse d’images.

Sébastien JANEL

Ingénieur de Recherche – CNRS
Microscopie à force atomique

Ryohei Ueno

Post Doc @ LIMMS


Analyse multi-échantillon et multi-modale d’échantillons biologiques par AFM

Joelle Warein

Technicienne – Institut Pasteur de Lille
Responsable de la culture cellulaire

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