Sébastien JANEL

Sébastien Janel is a MSc research engineer working for CNRS at Institut Pasteur de Lille, France under the supervision of Dr. Frank Lafont. He had a thorough education in applied physics from the universities of Limoges, Nottingham Trent, and Toulouse. He joined the Institut de Recherches Interdisciplinaires in 2004, where he characterized  biointerfaces at the nanoscale. He then moved to Institut Pasteur de Lille where he has since specialized in the application of AFM in the context of microbiology with an interdisciplinary approach. He’s in charge of the AFM facility. He is committed in the promotion of AFM, and more widely nanotechnology, to a large spectrum of biological questions. He has also developed some original coupling of AFM with both photonic microscopy and electron microscopy (CLAFEM) and the application of stiffness tomography to eukaryotic cells. He’s dedicated to science popularization and teaching to kids and students.