10 ans des Apprench’tis Chercheurs

L’Arbre des Connaissances invites you to meet us from May 15 to June 12, 2019 for the 15th season of the Apprentice Researchers’ Congresses throughout the school year, nearly 400 middle and high school students from mainland France and overseas discovered the world and methods of research through their participation in the Apprentis Chercheurs program.

About 10 Wednesday afternoons in the year, the students went to a laboratory to carry out a scientific project rooted in current research and initiated the experimental process alongside volunteer research professionals.
From May 15 to June 12 these Apprentice Researchers in biology, chemistry, physics, agronomy…. will present their work at the 24 congresses of Apprentice Researchers organised in partner research centres in Paris, Lille, Caen, Amiens, Montpellier, Marseille, Pointe-à-Pitre…

Not to mention the participation of the Apprentis Journalistes from Alphonse Daudet College (Leers) and Bossuet Notre-Dame High School (Paris 10e).

10 years of Apprench’tis Chercheurs: also note a very special congress in Lille on May 22nd, since the laboratories of the University of Lille will celebrate their 10th year of participation in the scheme. On the agenda for this anniversary congress: a look back at these 10 years of partnership, testimonies from former apprentices and supervisors, “making-of” report by the Apprentis Journalistes…
Friends, families, classmates, professionals in research, culture, education, and the curious from all walks of life: take out your diaries, we are waiting for you many and many!

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