Fifteen years of Servitude et Grandeur to the application of a biophysical technique in medicine: The tale of AFMBioMed

 18 December 2018 –

AFMBioMed is the founding name under which international conferences and summer schools are organized around the application of atomic force microscopy in life sciences and nanomedicine. From its inception at the Atomic Energy Commission in Marcoule near 2004 to its creation in 2007 and to its 10th anniversary conference in Krakow, a brief narrative history of its birth and rise will demonstrate how and what such an organization brings to laboratories and the AFM community. With the current planning of the next AFMBioMed conference in Münster in 2019, it will be 15 years of commitment to these events.

Jean‐Luc Pellequer, Pierre Parot, Daniel Navajas, Sanjay Kumar, Vesna Svetličić, Simon Scheuring, Jun Hu, Bin Li, Adam Engler, Susana Sousa, Małgorzata Lekka, Marek Szymoński, Hermann Schillers, Michael Odorico, Frank Lafont, Sebastien Janel, Felix Rico.

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