Group Leader (since sep 2005) : Cellular Microbiology and Physics of Infection

Center of Infection and Immunity of Lille, CNRS, Institut Pasteur, INSERM, University Regional Hospital Center Lille, Univ of Lille


Formation and positions

Cursus : Medical, Biology and Business Education. F Lafont graduated from the University Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie and from ESCP-Europe Business School.


Principal scientific career path :

1990-1992 : Ms Neuropharmacology, Collège de France

1991-1993 : Ph D. Developmental Neurobiology, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

1993-2000 : Post Doctoral Fellow Marie-Curie, EMBO, DFG, MPI, EMBL Cell Biology Prgm, Germany

2000-2004 : Junior Lecturer, Biochemistry & Medical Center Univ. Geneva, Switzerland

2004-2005 : Collaborator Brain and Mind institute EPFL, Switzerland

2005- : CNRS DR2, Group Leader, Institut Pasteur de Lille

2010- : Head of the BioImaging Center Lille – [GIS-IBiSA/EquipEx/ISO 9001:2008]

2014- : CNRS DR1, Scientific Officer for Host-pathogens interactions at the National Institute Biological Sciences, CNRS

2015 : HDR UPMC


Expertise and Memberships Scientific Societies :

Cell Biology (2010- : Exec. Office French Society for Cell Biology Member (Secretary 2016-) ; 1995-: ASCB Member)

Autophagy (2011- : Exec Office of the French Autophagy Club Founder & Member (Secretary 2011-2012 ; President 2013-2014, Vice-Pdt 2015-) ; WG co-leader & MC of the EU-COST Transautophagy)

Biophysics & Atomic Force Microscopy (2014- : Sci Comm Member French Biophys. Soc. GEM ; 2013- : Sci Comm Member of the local probe Forum, 2011- : Exec Office CNRS MI-ReMiSoL Member ; 2011- : Biophys Soc Member; 2011-4 : MC EU-COST AFM4NanoMed&Bio; 2006-8 : Member of the Advisory Board of Veeco Instr [now Bruker Nano Surface])

Microscopy (Member of several National & International Scientific Networks in electron and light microscopy)

Microbiology (Member of the ASM (2006-), FEMS (2011-))

Expert for Research Agencies (incl. : ANR, ERC, ELA, FNSR, MRC, NRF-SA, NWO, WT-NMH Funding Committee)


Teaching activities :

Former PhD students (5)

Lectures in Infectious diseases and immunology (Master 1&2, Univ Lille, Medicine Fac.)

Co-Resp of the “structure dynamique du vivant” Master Track (Univ Lille, Biology)

Resp. Cell Physics module (Master 2, Univ Lille, Physics)

Lectures Master in Life Sciences Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris

Resp. of the Transmission of Scientific knowledge Track for PhD Students, Lille Univ (Sciences, Medicine, SHS)

Co-Org Univ Degree “Cellular Microbiology” (2009,11,13)

Science popularization Resp of the Kid campus and Scientist apprentices actions.


Awards :

Chaire d’Excellence from Minister 2004 ; Foundation for Medical Research (Team Label-[2006-8] and Price 2013) ; Coordinator of several programs (ANR [MIIM, MIME,PRC] EquipEx, CNRS) ; EU COST (AFM4Med&Bio; Transautophagy)

51 peer-reviewed publications in WOS, H-factor 26, citation >3400, 31/12/2015

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