Transversal elasticity of TIEG1 KO muscle fibers probed by atomic force microscopy

Inhibition of TIEG1 gene provides changes within the musculoskeletal system [1-2] such as hyperplasia, hypertrophy and a metabolic glycolitic switch for slow and fast fibers [3]. Previously, mechanical tests have been performed on single muscle fibers using stretch and relaxation tests in the direction of the main fiber filaments. The functional properties of TIEG1 KO muscles showed mechanical changes compared to WT control muscles. Thus, the objective is to complete this characterization by applying transversal indentations to single fibers using a new experimental protocol adapted to atomic force microscopy (AFM).

Malek Kammoun, Vincent Dupres, Jessem Landoulsi, Malayannan Subramaniam, John Hawse, Sabine Bensamoun

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